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November 28, 2019

I am writing in regards to the article in the November 21 Sundance Times written by Michael Illiano about the RINO website. In response to the comments in the article made by Gail Symons, yes, the Republican Party is an ideology, an ideology of “timeless truths,” which is right off the front page of the Wyoming Republican Platform.

The Wyoming Republican Party has a platform which honors Biblical Judeo-Christian principles of morality, the US Constitution, the Wyoming Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. The Platform supports small government with responsible taxation and spending.

The Platform is available and easily attainable by anyone. Folks that don’t agree with this ideology, should be in a different political party.

Honest folks don’t join a party they don’t agree with and then try to change it up to their liking. Honest folks will join the party which closely aligns with their “ideology.” But then some folks are not honest.

Abraham Lincoln gave his life for this same “ideology,” an ideology that abhorred slavery and strove to abolish it. RINOs, Republicans In Name Only, are what is actually tearing up the foundation of the Republican Party.

Most true Republicans are God-fearing conservatives who believe in limited government, and freedom for all US citizens. They are hard-working individuals who believe they should enjoy the fruits of their labor without over-taxation, and that the taxes they do pay should be responsibly administered by the representatives that they vote in to serve in their government.

This website,, is just one tool, among others, that can be used by everyone to research the truth on how legislators vote. I think they should also show sponsors of bills introduced that never made it to a floor vote as well. Maybe there is another website for that too.


Jeff Burian



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