Gillette man sentenced for meth possession


August 8, 2019

A disappearing shave kit and an unusual excuse for using meth has led to a suspended sentence for Gary Otto of Gillette on a felony charge of possession, third or subsequent offense.

On September 1, 2018, the trooper was parked near milepost 152 on I-90 when a vehicle passed him without a light to illuminate the license plate and with a cracked tail light. On conducting a traffic stop, the trooper allegedly saw a shave bag on the front seat. According to court reports, Otto claimed to be traveling from Sundance, where he had intended to visit an attorney but hadn’t been able to find him.

Otto allegedly asked if he could exit the vehicle while he waited because he wanted to get some fresh air, giving the trooper the impression that Otto did not want the trooper near it. The trooper asked him to remain in his vehicle while he ran checks.

The trooper allegedly learned that Otto had an ignition interlock requirement and returned to check it was in place. When he got back to the car, the trooper reports that the shave bag had disappeared.

Suspicious, and aware that Otto had a history of “extensive drug use”, the trooper asked Otto to exit his vehicle and asked when he had last used meth. Otto allegedly directed the trooper to speak with a deputy in Campbell County and claimed he had been raped by three people two nights before.

He later allegedly responded to an inquiry about his last use of meth by claiming it was during the sexual assault, when meth was injected into his testicles by his attackers.

Otto retrieved and opened the shave kit. Inside, the trooper allegedly saw a light bulb appearing to contain meth residue with black burn marks outside.

“Otto did not deny that it was a meth pipe in his shave kit,” reports the trooper. According to court reports, Otto waived his Miranda rights and stated the pipe belonged to his girlfriend.

A further search of the vehicle revealed a blue pill case containing a small amount of crystal substance and a small amount of suspected marijuana, as well as an “unidentified pill”.

Otto pled guilty to one count of possession of a controlled substance, third or subsequent offense, with three known prior convictions in Campbell County since 1978. He was sentenced to between 24 and 48 months in a state penal institution, suspended pending successful completion of three years of probation.


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