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Peddler permits face the axe


July 11, 2019

Whether from a large tent or a tiny stand, any vendor who wishes to sell their wares during Rally Wednesday has historically been asked to pay a peddler permit fee. This, said Clerk Treasurer Kathy Lenz on Tuesday, is $110 for the day itself and an additional $110 for the surrounding days, which could equal more than the profit a small vendor hopes to make.

Lenz asked the Sundance City Council to consider scrapping this fee and switch over to the $10 special event permit that is used for other events in town, such as the Sundance Winter Festival and the Sundance Beer Festival. Her request was inspired by a young boy who visited City Hall hoping to sell wares during the rally, but was not able to afford the peddler permit.

Back in the day, said Lenz, it made sense to be strict and set up a fee for the big tents selling items on the edge of town, while the intention of the peddler permit as a whole is to protect residents from door-to-door salesmen. However, she said, it does not address locals who would like to sell their crafts or other wares during rally and make a small amount of profit.

“I don’t view it as any different just because it’s been around longer,” said Council Member Callie Hilty of the rally compared to other city events.

Mayor Pro Tem Brad Marchant commented that an alternative would be for a city resident to present proof that they pay for city services and therefore do not qualify to pay a peddler permit. A citizen of the town, he said, already pays taxes and utilities to the town.

City Attorney Mark Hughes agreed that such a change would be possible but suggested it could meet with some opposition from vendors. The issue will be discussed again at an upcoming meeting to give the council time to consider the question and options.


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