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June 5, 2019 - Special Meeting


June 20, 2019




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ORDER A special meeting of the Board of Trustees of Crook County School District #1 was held in Sundance, WY, Wednesday, June 5, 2019, at the hour of 5:00 PM at the central office.

ROLL CALL The meeting opened with the following present: Chairman Brian Marchant; Trustees Marlene Edwards, Rick Gill, Thayne Gray, Dena Mills, Ken Rathbun, Heith Waddell, and Chase Williams. Trustee absent – Keith Haiar. Administrator present – Mark Broderson, Superintendent.


AGENDA Motion was made by Trustee Rathbun and seconded by Trustee Mills to adopt the agenda. Motion carried.

BID As recommended by the superintendent and Randy Gill, Director of Facilities, motion was made by Trustee Gray and seconded by Trustee Rick Gill to approve the Base Bid ($99,000) with Alternate 1 ($115,000) and Alternate 3 ($22,000) from Comfort Systems Heating & Air Conditioning of Gillette, WY, for the Hulett School Work Shop Dust Collection System Bid for a total bid award of $236,500 . Discussion was held. Questions were answered by Mr. Broderson and Randy Gill. Trustee Rathbun asked Pamela Garman, Business Manager, if there were budgetary concerns; she said no. Money for this project will come from major maintenance state funds. Motion carried. A copy of the bid tabulation is attached and becomes a part of these minutes.

PICKUP QUOTE As recommended by the superintendent, motion was made by Trustee Rick Gill and seconded by Trustee Williams to approve the pickup price quotes from Fremont Motors, Inc. Casper, WY, in the specified order as listed on the tabulation page; a copy of the bid tabulation is attached and becomes a part of these minutes. Discussion was held about the various pros and cons of the pickups. Two questions were asked: [1] was an ad placed in the newspapers (no) and [2] how were quotes requested (by phone and email). Trustee Rathbun asked that the WY statutes be checked to see what dollar amount requires a published ad ($25,000 or more). Because CCSD#1 is accepting a price quote from an approved state vehicle bid, it is not a requirement to also publish an ad in a newspaper. Motion carried.

HIRING As recommended by the superintendent and building principals, motion was made by Trustee Edwards and seconded by Trustee Mills to approve 2019-2020 hiring:

1. Teresa Preisner – Sundance Secondary Music Teacher

2. Emily Bishop – Moorcroft K8 Teacher

3. Shelby Ryno – Moorcroft K8 Administrative Para

4. Kaylee Williamson – Moorcroft K8 Title 1 Para (.5)

5. Jana Bryant – Moorcroft K8 Title1 Para (.5)

6. Darlys Roberts – Moorcroft K8 Title 1 Para

7. Tim Cuthrell – Moorcroft Transportation Coordinator

8. Sara Bryant – Moorcroft K8 Summer Custodian

9. Nina Major – Sundance Elementary Custodian

10. Doug Carter – Sundance Elementary Part-time Custodian

11. Amber Green – Sundance Elementary Counselor

Motion carried.

DISCUSSION Discussion was held about additional funding of Career Technical Education projects in the three communities for the next school year. Student enrollment and community needs were discussed and opinions were exchanged. It is the board’s intent that funds support student programs and not individual teachers. Board trustees also shared historical knowledge with the newer members. It was noted that previous CCSD#1 projects (i.e. gym enhancements in Sundance and track and field upgrades in Moorcroft and Sundance) were not provided to Hulett. The Hulett School chose not to upgrade its outdoor track when the other two communities did in order to wait for improvements that would better suit Hulett.

Chairman Marchant asked if a consensus had been reached in order for action to be taken at the June 17 regular meeting. It was proposed that a total of $700,000 be made available for CTE projects; Pamela Garman, Business Manager, will bring a budget amendment request for this amount to the June 17 meeting. Each of the three secondary school would then receive $100,000 in 2019-2020. These funds would be at the discretion of the principal and CTE teachers.

In addition, $50,000 in funds would be made available to each Moorcroft and Sundance; Hulett would be budgeted $300,000. In order to access this money for any additional square footage requests, plans will first need to be submitted to Randy Gill, Facilities Director. He will research the feasibility of the request and factor in other requirements such as plumbing, heating, and electricity. Maintenance of additional square footage is the total responsibility of the district now and forever. Neither the WY Department of Education nor the WY School Facilities Commission will reimburse any of these costs or fund any future maintenance costs for the additional square footage. Mr. Broderson will next review the plans to which Randy Gill has given conditional approval. Board approval will be the final step to accessing the additional monies.


MENT Motion was made by Trustee Mills and seconded by Trustee Gill to adjourn the meeting at 5:57 PM. Motion carried.

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