Suspended sentence for possession with intent to deliver


June 6, 2019

Sheng Chang of Wisconsin has received a suspended sentence for a felony charge of possession of marijuana with intent to deliver. Chang was one of two people arrested on U.S. 212 in March, 2018; she was allegedly driving the lead vehicle containing contraband while a “decoy vehicle” followed behind her.

Chang and the decoy vehicle were observed by several Wyoming Highway Patrol troopers, all of whom noted they appeared to be traveling in tandem and contained only one passenger. This raised suspicions as the vehicles were rentals.

The decoy vehicle, according to court reports, began to drive “erratically in what appeared to be an effort to draw attention and get himself stopped.” One trooper initiated a traffic stop with the rear vehicle and ultimately arrested Lee Her, who is scheduled to be sentenced later this month.

Another trooper continued to follow the lead vehicle but, having observed no traffic violations, was unable to initiate a stop. He requested a license plate check on the vehicle, which was bearing Washington plates, and confirmed it was likely a rental.

The trooper followed the vehicle across the state line and was informed that the two vehicles had indeed been traveling together, though Her allegedly denied this. A request was made for South Dakota Highway Patrol to stop the vehicle.

A South Dakota trooper initiated a traffic stop and spoke with the driver, identified by her Wisconsin license as Chang. The South Dakota trooper advised he had smelled marijuana coming from the vehicle.

According to the reports, Chang had claimed she was moving into a friend’s house. The rental agreement showed the vehicle had been rented in Oregon and was due to be returned in Wisconsin and that Her had been responsible for renting it.

Chang’s vehicle was searched and a large bag discovered on the back seat, covered by a child’s blanket and stuffed animals. The bag allegedly contained several plastic bags of green plant substance.

A second duffle bag in the trunk was allegedly also found to contain bags of plant substance. According to reports, the total weight of the seized marijuana was later estimated at 83 pounds.

Chang pled guilty to one count of possession of marijuana with intent to deliver. She was given a suspended sentence of between four and five years pending successful completion of four years of probation and a $2500 fine.


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