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Fiber switch-over begins


May 30, 2019

Switch-over is underway for Sundance residents from the old copper internet connections to the improved speed of fiber through Range Communications. Two weeks of cutovers are now complete, says Network Operations Manager Ben Calvert.

“We’re on our way through. We’ve got a contractor reaching out and scheduling with residential customers,” he says.

Of the 430 total customers who need to be cut over to fiber, around 50 are now enjoying the new high-speed connection, with more soon to follow.

“We’re hoping [to finish] before the end of the year, but things are going pretty well and, if we can keep the pace up, probably three or four months is what we anticipate,” Calvert says.

“This is one of our first full large fiber-to-the-home jobs, so we’re going through, we’re guessing things and we’re trying to tweak and enhance to make sure we’re providing a quality service. It’s a little slower rollout to make sure we get all of the bugs and everything ironed out, making sure we have a quality product.”

The cutovers began on the eastern side of town and will move west and south. Customers will be contacted to arrange an installation appointment.

“You should expect a call from our contractor, Vantage Point. They are going through a list and will reach out and try to get hold of the customer to see if they can schedule a time,” Calvert says.

“We do request that we have the homeowner there at the time of the appointment so we can talk to them about placement of equipment and so they are there and aware, because we do have to have the contractor there in the home installing the equipment.”

After the appointment, fiber will be available to the home or business immediately.

“It’s really a simple process and the equipment installation is the longest part,” he says.

“If you have questions, feel free to contact our office and they will be happy to visit with you. If you are eager to be cut over or want to see where they are on the cutover list, they can look that up,” he says. Customers can also indicate a desire to be placed on the upcoming schedule, he adds.


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