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Kid Print's Preschool's "How to Catch a Leprechaun"


March 14, 2019

Afternoon Class

First, make a treat.

Then, put treats in the tent.

Next, put gold in the tent.

Finally, zip the tent up to catch the leprechaun for a picnic!

By Harper

First, put meat in a trap.

Then, make the trap a tent.

Next, make the leprechaun run in the trap by giving him candy.

Finally, sew the tent shut to trap the leprechaun.

By Kinley

First, get a cage.

Then, pick up some food to put in the cage.

Next, the leprechaun loves peanut butter and chocolate, so don’t forget.

Finally, put a blanket in the cage to make sure the leprechaun gets caught.

By Carson

First, get a box.

Then, make a ladder.

Next, put a cup where the edge of the box is.

Finally, put glue on a bell that’s in the middle of the cup. Paint rocks gold to trick the leprechaun (those are in the cup). Put trap in front of the door to catch the leprechaun. Don’t forget a lid to put on the cup!

By Ella

First, build a trap.

Then, put cheeseburgers in the trap.

Next, put Shirley Temples in the trap.

Finally, fall asleep and at night the leprechaun will get in the trap.


First, put peanut butter in a bowl.

Then, put ice cream in a bowl.

Next, put cheeseburgers in a bowl.

Finally, make a gold trail for the leprechaun to follow to the food and I will shut the leprechaun in a box.

By Hartley

First, get a cage.

Then, put hamburgers in the cage.

Next, put ice cream in the cage.

Finally, watch him go in the cage and lock up the leprechaun!

By Jax

First, get a cage ready.

Then, put some sloppy joes in the cage.

Next, hook the trap up.

Finally, put music on that the leprechaun likes that will make him dance into the cage.

By Molly

First, you need a trap.

Then, put chicken in the trap.

Next, wait for the leprechaun.

Finally, watch the leprechaun go into the trap and shut the gate.

By Natalie

First, make a mountain trap.

Then, put chicken nuggets in the trap.

Next, put fun toys in the trap.

Finally, the leprechaun opens the trap door, eats the food and gets gold from me. I will let him out after St. Patrick’s Day.

By Adalynn

First, you need to make a trap.

Then, put ham in the trap.

Next, I will wait for the leprechaun to come to my trap.

Finally, the leprechaun will get sucked in a tube in my trap.

By Jaxton

First, get a net.

Then, get some leashes.

Next, set some ice cream out by me for him to walk by me.

Finally, catch the leprechaun by putting leashes on him and putting him in the net.

By Paige

First, get some leprechaun food.

Then, get some coffee to keep the leprechaun warm.

Next, go to Miss Macey’s room and put a net on the ceiling like a fan.

Finally, make electricity for the net to fall down and catch the leprechaun.

By Griffin

Morning Classes

First, make a trap.

Then, cut up some paper.

Next, get some gold.

Finally, keep the leprechaun safe in the trap.

By Mattie

First, get some gold to feed the leprechaun.

Then, put the gold outside.

Next, put the gold in a box.

Finally, the leprechaun will get stuck in the box.

By Riley Jo

First, get some ice cream bars.

Then, grab your cowboy hat.

Next, grab your rope.

Finally, put the ice cream bars in the cowboy hat and wait for the leprechaun to come in the hat. Use the rope if he gets out.

By Tregg

First, trap the leprechaun with a rope.

Then, trick the leprechaun with a cheeseburger.

Next, trick him with mac n’ cheese, so it looks like gold.

Finally, once the leprechaun gets here, rope him and give him gold.

By Thomas

First, get a rope.

Then, wait in the barn.

Next, take a nap if you need to.

Finally, when the leprechaun comes in, rope him!

By Sam

First, get my rope.

Then, set out some hay.

Next, I will be outside with my horse.

Finally, wait for the leprechaun to come, rope him, and take his gold!

By Brady

First, make a net.

Then, put the net in your room.

Next, put gold in your room.

Finally, wait for the leprechaun to come in your room to catch him.

By Kason

First, get a net.

Then, get my coat on.

Next, put my other winter gear on.

Finally, go outside to catch the leprechaun with the net.

By Grady

First, get a net or two.

Then, get your dad and mom.

Next, wait for the leprechaun to come.

Finally, catch the leprechaun with a net and get the gold.

By Ruthie

First, get a fly swatter.

Then, grab your fishing pole.

Next, keep the fly swatter and fishing pole with you in your room.

Finally, stand up and catch the leprechaun with a fishing pole and use the fly swatter to protect yourself.

By Kayson

First, make my room messy.

Then, make my room look like the woods.

Next, grab a fishing pole and have my parents cook mac n’ cheese and hamburgers.

Finally, put food in the woods (my messy room), make a rainbow and fake gold to make the leprechaun come in, then catch the leprechaun with my fishing pole.

By Audrey

First, have my mommy make biscuits and gravy.

Then, grab a box.

Next, put the food in the box.

Finally, set the box with food in it in my bedroom closet. Wait for the leprechaun to get in the trap, then be friends with him.

By Emmett


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