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March 14, 2019

The Wyoming Highway Patrol has taken a keen interest in teaming up with C.O.R.E. to bring awareness to their impact-filled program titled “Caught in the Moment” to all Freshman High School students across the state of Wyoming.

C.O.R.E. stands for Community Organized Resources for Educating our youth and is a non-profit organization based out of Rapid City, SD. The program was founded by Rick McPherson, a 23-year law enforcement veteran who decided to take a new proactive approach to prevent needless teenage tragedies.

McPherson created a unique interactive training curriculum that takes direct aim at educating teenagers about the dangers and consequences of drugs, driving while under the influence of drugs and alcohol and distracted driving. They explore other destructive teenage issues identified by the various schools as unique to their respective area. The program is free to the schools and funding is raised through donations and fundraising events.

The program has been an enormous success throughout SD, ND, MT and three programs have been implemented successfully in Wyoming. The program is geared around freshman students as they prepare to become the next generation of drivers on our roadways.

The goal is to show students how poor choices and bad habits can lead to lifelong consequences that are irreversible. The hope is that this would become an annual event in all of Wyoming’s schools as we work together to help prevent needless tragedies through interactive preventative education.

This event encompasses a full day of activities for the students. They are divided into seven groups to visit seven different learning stations. The day continues with lunch being served and students watching a skit given by upperclassmen at a “party scene”.

Some students make poor choices and the next station leads students outside to a mock crash scene where students have suffered severe injuries and death. The day concludes at a mock sentencing of the student guilty of driving impaired, facing the reality and consequences of their choices.

All stations are operated by volunteers in all areas of fire/EMS, medical staff, life flight, law enforcement, prosecuting attorneys, judicial personnel, school administrators, teachers, actors, media and parents.

To quote C.O.R.E.” “This program brings together local, county, state and federal resources to educate students, parents and school staff on destructive teenage issues and the consequences. Law enforcement/fire/rescue departments can use the program as inter-departmental training for their personnel in emergency response skills, working as a team with other area departments and promoting community relations.

Wyoming Office of Tourism

“As a team, everyone works together to promote young teenagers making safe choices and preventing destructive behaviors. It is important to give our young teenagers the tools to develop life-long skills and values to make the best choices.” 

This program is not possible without sponsors, donations and fund raising. If you are interested in donating to C.O.R.E., or holding a fundraising event to help fund Wyoming programs in Newcastle, Buffalo and Wheatland (so far) please contact Lisa Williams at 307-334-2545.

She can also be contacted by email at: [email protected] If you have applications available to monetarily support educational programs, please share your information. We look forward to growing this program across the state of Wyoming over the next few years!

Submitted by Lisa Williams


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