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February 28, 2019


Hatred stirs up strife, But love covers all sins. Prov. 10:12

By nature, humanity is born bad. Bent toward doing more evil than good (Hab. 2:4). You may argue this, although a simple review of your day will prove otherwise.

Most have remorse upon committing a wrong, quickly recognizing the mistake and seeking forgiveness from their victim or the One above. It is a lesson learned, a wrong righted and a society mended and shaped into decency.

A noticeable trait in people lately is the practice of malice. The desire and intention to make bad things happen. It creates irreversible damage and once grasped, become difficult to disengage from.

The word malicious is the adjective based on the noun malice, which means the desire to harm others. Both words come from the Latin word malus, for bad. If someone is malicious, they don’t just make bad things happen; they love to make bad things happen.

The pain in watching such behavior is only surpassed by the receiving of it. This is targeted evil, purposeful and often meant to destroy. It comes without warning; an intensified hatred seeking to inflict maximum damage and is difficult to deflect.

What the possessor of malice fails to realize is the crippling, debilitating effect upon their soul. Malice is harmful, spiteful, it empties and carves up the individual as it pours out its horrific wrath upon others. The feeling of superiority over another is short lived as malice masks its true target: The giver.

Malicious behavior has no winners, only victims. It screams, tears, pierces and burns over all it touches. It goes beyond what is necessary and has become fashionable today.

The exercise and growing popularity of malice in our culture hurts the heart. It is pure evil being perfected and can never produce anything of lasting value. Its only desire is destruction of life.

Kindness, tenderheartedness, goodness on the other hand pours love from the giver into the taker. It waters both ways and provides growth. It has a lasting, soothing effect and is what the world needs more of.

There would be more sanity, greater peace of mind, a salvaging of human souls, if people were more kind. – Anonymous.

Love many things.

Submitted by Pastor Dave Jagemann


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