Gillette man convicted of fourth DUI


December 6, 2018

David Larson of Gillette has received a fine and suspended sentence for a fourth charge driving under the influence of alcohol. He was arrested after speeding past a patrol vehicle on the interstate.

On the evening of March 9, a Wyoming Highway Patrol trooper patrolling I-90 observed a Mini Cooper bearing a South Dakota license plate coming up behind him. The trooper reported that it appeared to be traveling fast as it was closing the gap between them; his radar clocked the vehicle at 100 mph.

Conducting a traffic stop, the trooper allegedly observed the driver fumbling with the driver side window. When the driver opened the door, the trooper reported that the driver, identified as Larson, had bloodshot eyes with a glossy look to them.

According to reports, Larson struggled to produce his license, registration and proof of insurance and turn off the stereo in his vehicle. He allegedly provided his license but not the other documents.

The trooper reported that he could smell a strong odor of alcohol; Larson allegedly said he had had three hard drinks around an hour before. The trooper conducted field sobriety tests and placed Larson under arrest; a breath sample returned a result of .19 BAC.

Larson has known prior convictions for DUI in Pennington County, SD, in 2008 and 2012 and Meade County, SD, in 2015.

Larson pled guilty to one count of DUI and was sentenced to between three and five years of incarceration with all but 60 days suspended pending successful completion of five years of probation, as well as a $10,000 along with fees and costs.


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