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  • Fifth graders hold paper football tourney

    Tatum Marchant|Mar 16, 2023

    As everyone was getting ready for the big game on Sunday, the Sundance Elementary fifth graders were getting ready for their own. On Thurs., Feb. 9, Addy Adams became the latest addition to the Paper Football Hall of Fame. But before we get into that, let's hear a word from our sponsors – or previous winners. Mr. Olson introduced all of the past winners, spanning back to 2015. Let's start with last year's winner, Zander Stover, who reported an exceptional hairline. Next was 2021's champion, M...

  • Gaga Ball

    Tatum Marchant, Sundance Elementary sixth grade student|Mar 31, 2022

    If you have driven past Sundance Elementary lately, you may have noticed a large ring on the playground. It’s actually called a Gaga Ball Pit, used for the game Gaga Ball. The game is similar to dodgeball, except there is no line or teams, It’s every man for themselves. To start the game, everyone must be inside the pit and touching the walls. The ball is thrown into the pit and everyone chants “Ga-ga-ball” as the ball bounces three times. A player is allowed to hit the ball one time before a different player touches the ball (no double...

  • Seventh annual Paper Football Championship

    Tatum Marchant, SES sixth grade student|Feb 24, 2022

    On Thurs., Feb. 10, you might have been preparing for the 56th Super Bowl, but something greater had happened at Sundance Elementary. It was the 7th annual Paper Football Championship of the World, and the stakes were high. We've interviewed our coaches/referees, Mr. Olson and Mr. Dobesh, pre-game: Q: Who do you think is going to win? Olson: My guess would be someone in here (you can stay in during recess to practice). Someone who works hard, bet on those odds. Dobesh: A girl is going to win....

  • Mud runners

    Tatum Marchant, SES Sixth Grade Student|Sep 23, 2021

    On September 17, the kids of Sundance Elementary school weren't studying but, instead, were running through the fairground arena, covered in mud. The obstacle course consisted of balancing on wooden beams, running across growing tree stumps, leaping over hurdles of barrels, crawling under spider webs of yarn, climbing over pallet-made teepees and finally racing through dozens of tires. All covered in mud thanks to the Sundance Fire Department. The course was assembled by third through sixth...

  • SES fifth grade students hold paper football championship

    Tatum Marchant, Sundance Elementary fifth grade student|Feb 18, 2021

    On Feb. 4, 2021, MacKenna Olson became the latest addition to the Paper Football Hall of Fame. But it was a close game! There was less than a minute left on the clock, and MacKenna Olson vs. Carter Croell. Carter was in the lead most of the time, but MacKenna pulled ahead and won at the last second. It was the fifth annual “Paper Football Championship of the World.” But unfortunately, due to COVID-19, we were not allowed to bring former champs to referee, except for last year’s champion Tel M...